Hinta 366,00 EUR

  • Tekninen nimi 5WATTS 4-30 WIDE
  • Tuotekoodi 9514023034
  • Tuoteryhmä Valaistus
  • Myyntiyksikkö Kpl
  • Varastosaldo
  • Myymälä Lauttasaari

Zaurac 4-30 Wide has a wide and soft light beam without a clear center focus. Suitable for use as deck light or for coming ashore or to pier and as stern light. Makes working around the boat easier, e.g. during anchoring or when attaching the boat to a buoy. Can be usede on top of trim tab plates to lighten up the water behind stern.

Extend the joy of being at sea by driving safely after sunset!

• Safely navigate and easily approach the shore in the darkness
• See objects in natural, daylight-like colors
• Extend your boating hours
• Low power consumption
• 100 % Waterproof
• Vibration and corrosion resistant
• Lights through fog and rain


• Power consumption: 36W
• Voltage: 12-24
• Max. theoretical light: 4200 lumen
• Narrow lens output: 2800 lumen
• Wide lens output: 2600 lumen
• Hybrid lens output: 2700 lumen
• Size: W 183 x H 43 x D 97 mm
• Weight: 0.8 kilograms

Net weight: 0.8 kg