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  • Tekninen nimi SANIDRY 460SANTRYTR09
  • Tuotekoodi 9519016060
  • Tuoteryhmä Maalit, veneenhoito, peitteet
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This patented product features a unique membrane that helps moisture enter the container but prevents moisture from escaping. This way harmful moisture can be eliminated and the absorbed water cannot leave the container.

SaniDry Tray is suitable for up to 30 m3, intended for indoor applications. SaniDry Tray Grande max. 60 m3. Operating time three months. Recommended values vary depending on temperature and air humidity.

The SaniDry Dehumidifier absorbs humidity from air efficiently, safely and cleanly. It also minimizes any risks of direct contact and accidental leaking out of water. (Turning over of the product does not matter because moisture will penetrate through the membrane from the outside, but absorbed moisture cannot get out any more.)

The product starts absorb moisture as soon as it is unpacked. It is ready to operate immediately without waiting time, which is usually required when using products of this type.

Product benefits:
• Featured with a unique membrane: prevents humidity from re-entering the space, which you want to dehumidify.
• Extremely good absorption capacity
• Does not allow liquid to escape if turned over
• Prevents mould and mildew from developing
• Prevents musty odour from developing
• Two sizes available
• Easy to use – the product is ready for operation when you unpack it
• You can start using the product immediately after you have removed the external package
• Patented and produced in Europe
• Recyclable package

Eliminates excess humidity in various places: for example, excess moisture caused by rain or snow or brought in by a dog: in a car, caravan, motorhome, boat, at home, in a basement, summer house, foundation of a building or while camping.

SaniDry also reduces development of mould and counteracts musty odour. It effectively prevents development of mould, for example, in the refrigerator of a boat or caravan. The product also eliminates unpleasant musty odour very effectively. 

250 g

Net weight: 0.25 kg